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Round 1 - Picture Round

Picture Round - half a point for the name of the character, half a point for the name of the tv show. Some of the names are the same as the show!


Round 2 - The Bible Round

  1. The book of Esther is unique because it does mention which word?

  2. Who wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace" and for a bonus point, what year?

  3. What was the name of the blind beggar at the gate of Jericho?

  4. Which 2 different birds did Noah send out from the Ark?

  5. In the book of Exodus, what was the first plague inflicted on Egypt?

  6. What was the name of the female judge?

  7. Who recognised Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented at the temple as a baby?

  8. Who was the wife of Moses?

  9. According to the Songs of Praise 2019 survey - which hymn was crowned the UK's favourite hymn?

  10. There are only 3 angels named in the Bible, Gabriel and Lucifer are 2, who is the other?


Round 3 - General Knowledge

  1. Who was the Prime Minister when Britain joined what became the European Union?

  2. Zn is the symbol for which chemical element?

  3. Moonshine was a slang term for which type of beverage?

  4. What type of clothing is a Glengarry?

  5. In the phonetic alphabet what word is used to denote the letter K?

  6. Frances Crick and James Watson made which medical discovery in 1953?

  7. Which celebrity chef wrote an autobiography called ‘Devil in the kitchen’?

  8. Amarelle, May Duke and Morello are types of which fruit?

  9. The denier scale is used to denote the density of what?

  10. The wood of a cricket bat is traditionally made from what type of tree?


Round 4 - Sport

  1. Which Horse was looking to make history at this year’s Grand National by becoming the first horse in history to win 3 in a row?

  2. Which Wigan Rugby League legend has had a successful coaching career in Rugby Union with Wasps, Wales and most recently France?

  3. In which sport do you "throw stones at houses”?

  4. In 2019 who became the first British female to win a global sprint medal at the World Championships?

  5. At Headingley in the 2019 Ashes test victory, Ben Stokes and Jack Leach put on a heroic last wicket stand of 76 - how many of those runs did Jack Leach score?

  6. Michael Schumacher is the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time with 7 world titles, who is second on the list with 6?

  7. England Netballers won their first ever major tournament at the 2018 Commonwealth games, but who did they beat in the final?

  8. In Golf - Who became only the third ever British winner of the Women’s Open in 2018?

  9. Who won the 2019 Tour De France? 

  10. In 2019 who became the first English footballer to win the UEFA Women’s player of the year?


Round 5 - Movies

Question - Each film will be described by the director, the top billed actor and the year it was released, what film is it?


  1. Stephen Spielberg, Sam Neill, 1993

  2. Emile Ardolino, Patrick Swayze, 1987

  3. Baz Lurhmann, Tara Morice, 1992

  4. Billy Wilder, Marilyn Monroe, 1959

  5. Robert Wise, Julie Andrews, 1965

  6. David Lynch, Isabella Rossellini, 1986

  7. Kathryn Bigelow, Jeremy Renner, 2009

  8. Sophia Coppola, Bill Murray, 2003

  9. Victor Flemming, Judy Garland, 1939

  10. David Fincher, Ben Affleck, 2014


Round 6

  1. Laura, is from Zambia which is also home to one of the seven Natural Wonders of the world - which number is Zambia? 

  2. If I wanted to visit the Pyramids which number do I need to visit?

  3. Number 1 has 3 recognised capitals, Bloemfontein and Pretoria are two, which is the third?

  4. Which country is number 47

  5. Nigeria has the highest population of any African country - which number is this

6. Which number is the state of New York?

7. Which is the state of Washington?

8. If I wanted to go to Disney World which number would I have go to? 

9. In which number is the Silicon Valley? 

10. Which number is Alaska?


Round 7

Higher or Lower, starting with Andrex Classic Clean 9 pack of toilet rolls at £2.50

  1. Asda own brand plain flour, 1.5kg

  2. Asda own brand penne, 3kg

  3. 6x free range large eggs

  4. Carex antibacterial handwash, 250ml

  5. Asda own brand chopped tomatoes, 4 tin pack

  6. Heinz beans, 4 can pack

  7. Asda digital medical thermometer 

  8. Asda paracetamol capsules 16pack

  9. Detox antibacterial large cleaning wipes, 100 pack

  10. Kingsmill tasty whole meal loaf


Round 8

  1. In what year was National Anthem "God save the Queen (or King) introduced in the UK.?

  2. Over what time period did the "War of the roses" take place?

  3. If Adolf Hitler had been successful with his World War 2 invasion plans, which city would he have made the new capital of England?

  4. What year was the NHS founded?

  5. The first successful vaccine was introduced in 1796, which disease did it guard against?

  6. Peter Durand received the first ever patent for the idea of preserving food in tin cans in what year?

  7. Which Long distance train had its first run in January 1883?

  8. Which current supermarket began life with a stall in Leeds Kirkgate Market? 

  9. In the 1915 song where did you "pack up your troubles”?

  10. In what century was 10 Downing Street become the official residence for the Prime Minster of the UK?




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