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Current Roles Available

At St Paul's, our interns are part of a wider cohort of interns on the The Leeds Diocesan Internship scheme. This is an amazing opportunity to explore more of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and to serve his church.  It is designed to equip you for life, work and leadership.  The scheme runs from September to July and involves practical placements, training and community living.

Our priority is to help interns grow in relationship with God. Each internship involves leadership experience; training in biblical studies, theology and leadership; developing transferable work skills; and an opportunity to consider God’s calling for the future.

Our hope is that the internship will establish learning, habits and disciplines that help interns be transformed daily by the power of the Holy Spirit to be more like Christ. Leaders who will serve the Kingdom of God in all areas of life, from business, politics, media, education and medicine as well as leading churches across the country and beyond. 

At St Paul's, we are looking for a couple of interns who can either gain a broad experience of ministry, or you might want to specialise in a specific area such as youth work, children's work, schools work, worship, media and communication, or community development.


To find out more and register an interest please email

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