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Sunday 7th June

We’re starting a new series today in the book of Acts.  Today, we’re thinking about Transformations (or big changes) and focussing on Paul - who used to be called Saul - and how his life was changed and transformed when he encountered Jesus.



Can you think of anything around you that undergoes big transformations? (caterpillars into butterflies; flour into a loaf of bread; the sunflower seeds we’ve planted into (hopefully!) big sunflowers; water from the tap into ice cubes in the freezer; babies that are growing and changing….)


Our Bible focus today is Acts 9:1-19

You might like to re-enact the story.  You’ll need a big bright light and a blindfold for Saul. And somewhere to be Ananais’s house.  As you go, maybe pause and chat about the story along the way

One of our St. Paul’s Kids found some caterpillars this week. How long will it take for them to be transformed?

Watch Paul’s story here:


Have a think about verses 10-16.  Imagine being told that you need to go find and talk to a murderer, or the school bully, or your biggest enemy. It would be pretty scary! It might be tempting to laugh and refuse. That’s probably how Ananias felt. Saul was hurting Christians. He was famous for it! Why would God tell anyone to go talk to him? What would you do? 

Have a look at verses 17-22.  Ananias obeyed (it was GOD asking, after all…), and found Saul there just as promised. Immediately, he was healed, and realised that it was God at work. Saul prayed and was baptized. He was changed and transformed straight away. 


Have a go at seeing if you can ‘spot the difference’ in these challenges

For little ones

For bigger ones:

Can you spot the differences in Saul’s life?  He was totally different because he’d encountered Jesus. What was he like before meeting Jesus? And after?


As a whole family, use some clay or some playdough or some junk modelling to make something - do send us some pics of what you’ve made. (Great playdough recipe here if you need one)

The great thing about creating and building is you can change the design as you go along and make changes.  The Bible says that God is a bit like a potter and we’re a bit like clay. 

That means that when we go wrong God doesn’t give up on us. He doesn’t throw us away. He carefully, lovingly helps us to change. And he’ll help us again and again and again. He reshapes and remakes us.  He did the same to Saul.  He was changed from the inside out and given a whole new way of thinking.  As you make and build, chat to God as a family about the change you’d like to see in yourself, in your family, in our world.


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