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Holy Week

Holy Week

Sunday 12th April

He's Alive!

Today we celebrate that Jesus is no longer in the tomb - He’s Alive! Three days after Jesus had died on the cross, God revealed his wonderful surprise: Jesus was not dead anymore, he was alive! God could take  even the worst event, and turn it for good.  

You can watch the resurrection story here, from The Jesus Storybook Bible or find it in Matthew 28

Have you made your Easter garden at home? Today is the day to roll open the stone that is covering your tomb, in your Easter garden - Jesus isn’t there, he’s alive!  If you’ve got any flowers, you could add those to your garden, as signs of new life springing up. And if you’ve made an Easter tree, today is the day to add your eggs.

Mary did not realise at first who Jesus was, the Bible tells us that she thought he was the gardener. It was only when Jesus called her by name that she recognised him. Play a game together – take it in turns to wear a blindfold. Members of your family should say your name but should try to disguise their voice, can you still recognise who they are? If you’re feeling brave, why not see if the person in the blindfold can be guided round the house just by following a voice calling their name?

People often have Easter Egg hunts on Easter Sunday - but you might not have lots of chocolate eggs this year.  If not, here’s an idea of a different kind of hunt you could do around your home and/or garden, click here to see 


And here’s a great recap of the journey we’ve been on this week

Holy Week
Saturday 11th April

...... Waiting ......

It looked like not much was happening on Easter Saturday…...there was a lot of waiting.  As we’re all spending a lot more time at home at the moment, for some it feels a bit like one very long Easter Saturday!  I wonder what you’re missing or waiting for during this time? Chat about that together at home.

Jesus’ friends would have felt a bit lost and confused. If you have any Lego or Duplo at home, you could try making a lego marble maze, like the one we made with Pamela the Palm tree today. 

Or, why not try making a trail along the floor, a bit like a maze. (Chrisitians sometimes call this a Prayer Labyrinth) You could use some string or masking tape on the floor or a trail of stones or some chalk on the floor outside, to make the trail.  As you walk along the trail, talk to Jesus about how you’re feeling, tell him about the things and people you’re missing. Ask him to be with you and those you are thinking about.

While you play with your marble maze or while you walk along your trail, you might like to listen to this song. Just pop it on in the background.  It’s a song that reminds us that Jesus is there with us, while we’re waiting.

Friday 10th April

Jesus dies

Today is Good Friday, when we remember that Jesus died on a cross.  At the very moment he died, the Bible says that the sky turned black, the earth shook and the curtain in the temple was torn in two.

The book: “The Garden, the curtain and The Cross” tells the Easter story beautifully. You can listen to it being read and look at the illustrations on this video.

Today is the day to make your Easter garden - you can do it outside or indoors on a tray or in a box.  Remember to include a cross and a tomb and a big stone covering the entrance to the tomb. We’d love to see your gardens - why not send us a picture of yours? Either through our facebook page or email:

Thursday 9th April

An Important Meal

Today's story can be found in the Bible, in Mark 14 or you can watch it here


Today we hear about some very smelly feet! And how Jesus washed them clean.  Jesus came not just to wash the dirt off their feet, he came to wash people clean on the inside too.  And He did it because He loves us.

Jesus was having a meal with his friends - he told them the bread and the wine with the meal would remind them of Him, of His body and His blood. They probably didn’t quite understand what that meant…….but they will find out on Friday.


At home today, you might like to make a cross picture with some masking tape. Stick a cross shape on some paper and then colour in the whole page using paint or crayons or pens.  When you peel away the tape, the cross shape will be all clean. If you don’t have any tape, just cut out a cross shape from some more paper and hold it in place while you colour.


Over the weekend, we’re going to make some Easter gardens. Today, you might like today to start collecting some things to make your garden - you can make it outside, or inside on a tray or in a box.  You’ll need something to make a cave; a big stone to make the door or the cave; a cross made out of card or sticks.

Wednesday 8th April


Today's story can be found in the Bible, in John 12:20-36


Today we hear about seeds falling to the ground and new life growing.  Jesus tells this story to explain why and how he’s going to die.


At home today you might like to try planting some seeds. You could collect some seeds from inside a tomato or an apple or a pepper.  Could you collect some soil from the garden and use an empty tin or a yoghurt pot as a flower pot. If you haven’t got a garden or any soil, you could use the bottom of a lettuce or a leek or a carrot top and put it into some shallow water.


Where can you spot signs of new life around us? Can you spot new flowers growing or blossom on the trees? Are you finding some new, “life giving” ways of living as a family in these strange circumstances?

Tuesday 7th April

Jesus and Mary’s Perfume

Today's story can be found in the Bible, in John 12:1-8

Or you can listen to it in The Jesus Storybook Bible here


Today we hear about a friend of Jesus, who gave him the most valuable thing she had.  The perfume that Mary pours on Jesus' feet reminds us of the frankincense he was given as a baby, a sign that he is a King. It would have cost Mary a huge amount of money to save up for this treasure, and she gives it all to Jesus - even when others disapprove or think she's crackers! 


At home today, you might like to try making a treasure bottle or a treasure jar, just like the one we saw with “Pamela the Palm tree”.  As you shake up your bottle and watch the treasure settle, take some time to tell Jesus what you think about him. Tell him how you feel at the moment.  Tell him all the things that are making you happy or sad or hopeful or worried.


How do we show people that we love them? We can tell them with words, or show them with cuddles and acts of kindness; sometimes we give people gifts or simply just spend time with them.  Can you take some time today to show the people in your home how much you love them? How about someone not in your home - could you make a card to send to someone, or ring them for a chat or read them a story?

Monday 6th April

Jesus and the Temple
Today's story can be found in the Bible, in ​Matthew  21:12-16


When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, he was angry when he saw what was happening in the Temple. The temple was a place where God's people met to worship, pray, read scriptures and offer God sacrifices. Everyone should have been welcome.  But instead, it had been turned into a market place and people were cheating each other for money. Jesus was so angry that people were being cheated and robbed; that the poorer people were being left out and excluded. Everyone should have been welcome.


At home today, try building the tallest tower you can – be creative with your “building blocks”! As you build, talk about injustice in our world; think of people who are excluded; think about people for whom life is particularly hard at the moment.  Pray for them. Then knock down your tower!!


Can you use some coins with paper and a crayon to make some rubbings of different coins? As you do, talk about how we can use our money wisely and to help others.

Why not send us some pics of you and your family doing some of these activities. Or have a look at the ideas from previous days.  Email

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