March 22nd

20th March

Our focus this week is: Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus is asleep in a storm.

Why don’t you read the passage together. Not got a Bible at home? No probs, you can get it here



Have a chat together and think about: Who was scared in the story? What were they scared of? 

Who was with the disciples in the boat? Can you think of anything you’re scared of? Can you or your grown up give an example when you were afraid but God was with you?

Remind each other that Jesus is with us; that he is a ‘storm sleeper’ - what does it look like for each of us to choose to not be ‘afraid of the storm’?


(remember it’s good for big kids and adults to play too!)

Make your own origami boat together: you could float it in the sink and re-tell the story, and make the storm by splashing the water or blowing hard at the boat. Remember to listen out for when Jesus tells the storm to STOP. (Here’s a simple boat to make, but have a google search and get creative! )

Play ‘musical storms’. When the music plays everybody should dance and move around like they are being blown about in the storm. When the music stops, they should freeze and be still like the storm. “My lighthouse” by Rend collective might be fun to use.


Search for items around the house that remind you of other people – photos of families and friends, school bags, shopping deliveries, toys, letters, postcards. Pray for the people they remind you about – friends, family, those working in shops, those working in the postal service. Keep sharing how you’re feeling with each other and tell God how you feel.


March 29th

Our focus this week is: Luke 10:25-37 where Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan.

Why don’t you read the passage together.  Not got a Bible at home? No probs, you can get it here:



Watch the video

Have a chat together and think about: What happened?  Who were the injured man’s neighbours?  Who helped? Who are our neighbours and how does God want us to treat them?  Even if we don’t like someone…are they our neighbour? (Think about our neighbours on our street and think about our ‘neighbours’ as Jesus defines them)


(remember it’s good for big kids and adults to play too!)

Use some building stuff or props you’ve got at home (lego, plastecine, recycling bin for junk modelling, teddies, toys around the house) - or members of your family - to recreate a scene from the story. Be as creative as you can!! You might like to take a picture of your scene and share it in our Parents’ WhattsApp groups.


Can you make and send a card or write a letter to someone you know who is poorly or is living alone?  Or someone you know who is just having a tough time right now? (Feel free to drop Kathryn a message if you’d like a suggestion of someone from church who is living alone and self isolating)  


can you help or encourage someone that is serving and helping you/us at the moment e.g. can you stick a note of thanks/encouragement on your front door for any delivery drivers / post workers?


Can you think of a way that you can serve each member of your household in the coming days? Maybe chat it through and ask each other how you can best honour and serve each other, particularly at a time when almost everyone is at home, all at the same time, a lot more.


Who are the people that are helping you at the moment - in our homes and outside?  Can you ask Jesus to help them, fill them with his Holy Spirit. Take some time to pray for each other too. (maybe write a list of people, with words or pictures  Stick your list up somewhere, to remember to pray for them)

Memory Verse

Over the next few weeks, we’re learning together a verse from the Bible, which we can remember in our minds and our hearts. Philippians 4v6-7




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