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We all know that Church is not a place we go - WE are the Church.  The early church in Acts was ‘done’ in homes - that was the main place for prayer and worship and discipleship; literally Faith@Home.   As we’re not meeting together in the usual ways on Sundays and not having our children’s groups, we wanted to provide a few ideas for those with children (or without!) as you explore Faith@Home. For other resources for the wider church please click below


Parenting for Faith

We have a focus this term on how we  ‘Parent for Faith’ - just at a time when this couldn’t be more important.  Our Parenting for faith course is continuing, just via an online meet up.  If you’d like more info on this, or would like to jump on board and join in, please message Kathryn,



As our weekly Tots group can’t meet in the usual way, we’re doing a Facebook Live story and singing time every Wednesday at 10am.  Join us live each week - as you join in live and comment, we’ll be able to give your little ones a ‘shout out’.  Follow us here to join in and for updates



Each week, we’re going to produce a list of ideas and resources for you to use at home; we’ll publish a new list each week, focussing on one particular theme or Bible passage. This week's focus is below.

We’re also starting a new small group for our 6-11yr old kids at St. Paul’s  - they’re going to ‘meet up’ (virtually) a couple of times a week with some of their leaders to connect, hang out, play games, set some challenges and pray. (We’ll be in touch with parents, to explain how this is going to work)

Week 3

Our focus this week is Palm Sunday. As a ‘way in’ to the story, watch the video 

….and then read the story, in: Matthew 21:1-11  

Not got a Bible at home? No probs, you can get it here


Have you read the story? This cartoon also tells the story.

What did you notice that was surprising in the story? Why were the people singing and shouting? What did they shout? What does it mean that Jesus is king? What difference does that make?


(remember it’s good for big kids and adults to play too!)

Game: Using just two or three pieces of fabric (old t-shirts, pillowcases) can you get your whole family from one side of the room to the other? You are only allowed to stand on the fabric and not touch the floor. You will need to work as a team standing on one piece while you move the other. Use this as a reminder of the clothes that the people put down for Jesus to walk on. 

Lego Challenge: Can you use lego (or duplo, or any props or building stuff!) to build a scene from today’s story. Why not take a picture of your scene and share it in one of our Parent’s WhattsApp groups?

Nature Art: In your garden or on your daily walk why not collect some leaves to make into a collage at home. The people in the story were so excited to welcome Jesus that they grabbed what they could find to worship Him. What other items can you find in your garden or on your walk to make some worship art from? Arrange the items you have found to make your own picture.


On Palm Sunday we usually have palm crosses in Church - but you could make your own! You could try a paper origami one or  just freestyle with some sticks or whatever you can find. Or you could make your own palm waver. Or just find a big leafy branch outside! (

Once you’ve made your ‘palm cross’ or palm branch’, you might like to hang it on your front door, as a sign that you’re celebrating Palm Sunday.


You could draw a cross on your palm - you’ll probably need to help each other! As you do, listen and sing along to this song. It’s all about what it means to sign ourselves with the cross. (Don’t worry - as you’re washing your hands SO much it’ll come off fairly quickly)


We might not be able to meet up with people but we can send a wave of encouragement and pray for others. Why not start your own virtual Mexican wave of encouragement? Video call another family and give them a big encouraging smile and wave. Take a moment to pray for them and then ask them to send the wave on to another family. How far will your prayer wave travel? Maybe it will even come back to you!

Memory Verse

Over the next few weeks, we’re learning together a verse from the Bible, which we can remember in our minds and our hearts. Philippians 4v6-7

Previous weeks can be found here



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